Holistic Gym Website

Holistic GymIf you need help building and add content to your website, please book me through ODesk.

I enjoy adding provided content to a Website.

Adding some life to the content, making it well presented for people to read.

I also focus on making if Google SEO Friendly.

The following is one of my Customer’s Website specially designed for their needs…

Client’s Website and what the Client needed:

www.holisticgym.co.za –  Selling Gym Equipment and fitness programs.

My customer needed a very Informative website for his clients to read and buy Gym Equipment and fitness programs. This is an on going project as my customer continuously adds fresh content for his Site.

What I have Setup for My Client:

I have build the website for my customer by setting up all the basic ground work for his Site.  He adds new content on a regular base on his site and then I will go edit it and give his content some life and adding formatting to make it well presented for people to read.

Custom made Items for My Client:

CustomUsedIconsI have used a Modular Shortcode Generator to add special Icons to make the customer’s content come to live. These special Icons can be used in front of Titles of articles or can used instead of adding bullets in your content.

For the Picture I have also used a Modular Shortcode Generator to give the Picture a mirror affect.

These Modular Shortcode Generator are only designed for www.mysitemyway.com themes.

Website System:

The site is build using WordPress System with Main Categories, Sub Categories, hyperlinks, images, Portfolios, Posts, Pages

I have added Search Engine Optimization.

Social Networking to make the site visible to all.

I have added Digi Link Doctor and tweak all redirects.

I have added Site to Google Webmaster Tools.

I have added All in One SEO to Optimize all Portfolios, Posts, Pages.

I have added Sitemap to Webmaster Tools.

I have added Google Analytics.

I have Set Up his Google Authorship.

What you generally need before You can start a new Website:

  • Your own Domain Name and Hosting Space.
  • theme (The look of the site) – My personal theme choose.
  • Content for Your site.

Building and Adding content to your Website

If you need help building and adding content to your website, please book me through ODesk

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