Extreme Boot Camp

ExtremeBootCampSA1If you need help building and add content to your website, please book me through ODesk.

I enjoy adding provided content to a Website.

Adding some life to the content, making it well presented for people to read.

I also focus on making if Google SEO Friendly.

The following is one of my Customer’s Website specially designed for their needs…

Client’s Website and what the Client needed:

www.extremebootcamp.co.za – Fun, Fearless Fabulous Fitness.

My client is a fitness trainer. She needed a basic website for her clients to Join (by fulling in a pdf form) and read all about what Extreme Boot Camp is about.

What I have Setup for My Client:

I have build the website for my customer by setting up all the basic ground work for her Site. She and her staff adds new content on a regular base on the site.

Custom made Items for My Client:

CustomMadeBannersSpecial designed header banner which rotate every time you load a new page have been added on the top side of the website.

You can choose to display only one uploaded header banner , or show random ones.

Website System:

The site is build using WordPress System with Main Categories, Sub Categories, hyperlinks, images, Pdf documents, keywords and Tags. I have Added Search Engine Optimization and Social Networking to make the site visible to all.

What you generally need before You can start a new Website:

  • Your own Domain Name and Hosting Space.
  • theme (The look of the site) – My personal theme choose.
  • Content for Your site.

Building and Adding content to your Website

If you need help building and adding content to your website, please book me through ODesk

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