Case Study on Developing Aqua Blue Tec Website

Key Behind Developing Great Websites

Site building case studyAqua Blue Tec (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company offering a cost effective water purification system, a safety and security system, a building construction system as well as futuristic technologies for a water purification system. The site is hosted at

Success of any website development project highly depends on understanding the client’s requirements and their objectives so that they get exactly what they desire from a project specialist like us.

Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance and none of us would be able to offer full client satisfaction unless and until we understand the complete set of their requirements.

Every website design is unique in its own sense, which requires a high level of customization in order to meet the clients’ objectives.

Step 1 : Need Analysis of Client’s Website

Aquabluetec case studyAnalyzing the needs of the client is the most important step behind designing great websites. It is the first but also the most important step behind offering full customer satisfaction. It is one of the most complex steps because most of the time, clients themselves don’t know why they need a website.

Some brainstorming sessions are required to understand if they really need a website and if they do, what their desired objective behind such a website is . We started our first step by understanding the complete set of requirements of our client and luckily, the client was quite clear in explaining their website development objective to us.

Step 2 : Understanding The Client’s Site Requirement

sliders and menus during site buildingThe client needed a neat and clean but a very informative website to create its online presence for targeting their prospective customers. The major requirement of the client was to present the information about their business in an easy to read and properly categorized manner.

A simple slider was also required on the landing page so as to present a quick glimpse of the business to the site visitors in a very short space of time. The client wanted a total of four slides so that one slide could be dedicated to present information about each wing of the business.

A Great Site Full of Quality Content and Easy Navigation

Great site building with quality contentThe client also wanted the site to be easy in navigation by placing menus and sub menus in a user friendly approach. Detailed information on the website was also desired for all those customers who were interested to get detailed information about the business and their offerings.

Catching the attention of the customers was quite important so that they stayed on the site and understood how our client was able to meet their requirements. Content had to be rich in quality as well as easily understandable.

Blog, SEO, SMM, Google Authorship and Easy Indexing

Blog on case study siteA blog was also needed so that the client could post informative articles on the subject matter. Above all, the site had to be Google friendly, easily indexable, search engine optimized against the relevant searched keywords and with Google Authorship setup for the site.

The client also wanted the site to be designed so that it could be easily circulated through the appropriate SMM activities as and when required. Overall, they wanted a visually appealing human friendly informative website that is also loved by search engines.

Use of appropriate images in high resolution without compromising the site loading speed was also desirable by the client. Easy to read clear fonts, proper headings and a list of Popular Posts was highly desirable in our case study site.

Step 3 : Development of Client’s WordPress Website

Development of clients WordPress siteAfter noting down all the detailed requirements of the client, we moved ahead towards developing a website for our client. WordPress being one of the simplest, yet the most flexible CMS system was therefore used to design this case study website in order to make things easier for our client.

Designing sites on WordPress is also faster for us, thus keeping the site development cost under control. It also helps us deliver the project well on time without any delay.

We started the site by designing the layout of the site before doing anything else. This entailed layout, placement and structure of menus and sub menus, sliders and above all quality content for the site.

Good Themes – Foundation for Developing Great WordPress Sites

contact information placementGood themes are the foundation behind developing great websites. We selected a premier theme from mysitemyway as the theme for designing and developing this website. Proper categories, sub categories, hyperlinks, images, posts and pages were created for our case study site. White hat search engine optimization techniques were used on all the pages, posts and the landing home page to increase its visibility on Google SERP.  Contact information was also placed on the site in order to facilitate visitors getting in touch with the company easily.

Good On-Site SEO and Sitemap.xml Helps Google Crawl Sites Easily

sitemap.xml helps site index in search enginesThe content was supplied by the client, so we had to place it on the site using an aesthetic approach. All in One SEO plugin has been used for SEO in our case study site. Dynamic sitemap was added to the website following the standard protocols as laid down by Later, the sitemap was submitted to Google using Webmaster tools to get the site indexed easily. The site got indexed after the submission of sitemap as it was entirely free of errors.

Finally, the site was designed and developed to the full satisfaction of our client. Today, it brings a good amount of organic traffic from Google as well as attracts a good amount of referral traffic through running and managing effective social media marketing campaigns from time to time.

Developing Your Own WordPress Website !

Developing a good website is not rocket science, although you must have the right approach and a clear understanding of your objective behind developing a website. WordPress CMS, a couple of good WordPress plugins, a domain name and a great web host such as WP Engine or WPMU is all that you need. Once you have everything in place, you can easily develop your own WordPress website.

Please let me know if I can help you design and develop a great business or personal website easily readable for humans and smoothly crawled by Google bots and spiders and several other search engines.