What is Google Business Page ?

Google Plus Business PageBusinesses are changing and so are we and so are the technologies powering online businesses. The world was not the same a decade ago, and neither will it remain the same in a decade’s time.  In the past couple of years, Google has emerged as a synonym for innovation by introducing some of the revolutionary technologies to change the face of the web. Changes have been a part of history, but not at the pace that we are witnessing it these days. Everything is changing rapidly and if you fail to change yourself and your business strategies, you will be left behind in this fast running marathon of businesses that are overtaking each other. Google Plus Business Page is just the beginning.

Google Plus Business Page gets your business online 24 x 7 x 365.

Google+ Business is a means to get in touch with your customers in real physical space and time.  It is a way to manage your business entirely online. With the help of Google + Business, you can help your prospective customers discover you whenever or from wherever they need you or your services.

Why to Get on Google Plus Business Page ?

Google+, Google plus profile, Google plus page, Google plus Brand, Google plus Product and many more terminologies are not new to social media marketing experts and SEO experts. You may have a well designed fully functional website, but how do you plan to push your site on social media channels? Moreover, search engine optimization is another major area of concern for all businesses running online.

Google Plus Business Page is another promising communication channel offered by Google to increase your reach to a wider set of customer base. Although you must ensure that your website passes all the rules of search engine indexing so that your website gets easily included on Google SERP and you enjoy a good Pagerank.

Local Business Opportunities on Google Plus Business Page

Businesses registered on Google Plus Business Page are easily found by customers irrespective of the computing devices they use. Is your customer using a desktop or a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone? You need not worry as the consistent integral information is offered to all your customers in their specific device based format.

If you exist on Google Plus Business Page and if you happen to be somewhere in the same neighborhood as the service/product seeker, Google helps to bring you both under a single roof. Google Plus Business Page along with Google Places ensures that your business has been pinned on Google Maps.

Google Directs Customers to Your Business

Google Plus Business Page is free. Businesses offering products and/or services via physical stores located in any part of the world are free to validate their mark on Google Plus Business Page. Google Plus Business Page is also a great PR channel for reaching out to your customers in a cost effective manner.

Do not forget to enhance your PR Channel by harnessing the power behind Google Authorship setup for your website. Google Authorship SEO advantage cannot be ignored to gain the trust of the market. Whether someone needs direction to your physical location, wants to inquire about your business operations hours or any other vital information related to your business, Google gets it all from your Google Plus Business Page.

Google Plus Business – A Tool To Collect Feedback, Reviews and Recommendations

Google Plus Business Page is also an open channel to invite feedback, reviews and recommendations from your existing customers. Today most of us are looking at Google’s recommendation before buying a product or service. Positive reviews and recommendations from existing customers not only strengthen your brand but also attract more business opportunities.

In today’s dynamic business environment, word of mouth recommendations are trusted more than any other form of recommendation and word of mouth recommendation means online recommendation. Recommendations are now shifting their paradigm from several other broadcast media channels to Google+ and many other interactive social media channels.

Manage Your Online Reputation Using Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus Business Page is also a great online reputation management tool in skilled hands. It is a single point of contact capable of taking complete control of your online business, even when you are on the move. You can easily manage your online business using your Google+ Business page from your Android phones as well as iPhones. A timely response to an aggrieved customer can save you and your business from experiencing some heavy losses due to ignorance.

By offering an open channel even to your dissatisfied customers, you gain power to resolve your customers’ grievances in order to build a strong positive brand image of your products and services. It adds value to your online business as well as to your online reputation. Many businesses failed to realize the impact or small damages caused to their brand by none other than their aggrieved customers. By the time they realized it, it was too late for them to save their brand. The customer is the big boss and carries the power to turn the entire industry upside down. Value your customer and their beliefs, especially if you are serious about running your business in the long term.

Get Your Google Plus Business Page Today

Google Plus Business PagesAre you already a part of Google Plus Business Page? If not, go and get a page for your Google+ Business before someone else claims your unique business name URL on Google+. If you are already on Google Plus Business Page, then start promoting your business, get in touch with people, talk to them and start some form of intelligent, interesting and exciting engagement.

For all serious business owners, a business website is also highly recommended. Never ignore the importance of Google Authorship as it is becoming an important factor behind the fast indexing of websites by Google. It also enhances the value of site SEO and opens a new channel for business owners to penetrate their brand deeper into the market. The market is trending towards niche market rather than general market. Jack of all trades, but master of none is not working anymore. The market needs Masters and Google Authorship is one of the best ways to claim expertise in your own niche.

It will take time and effort so start today rather than postponing it for tomorrow. Let me know, if I can be of any help to get you on Google Plus Business Page.