What is Google Places ?

Google PlacesGoogle Places has thrown out an opportunity to help small as well as big businesses mark their physical address on Google Maps as their new business destination. If you own a store physically located somewhere on the Globe and if you are offering your products and/or services directly to your customers from your store then you qualify you to be pinned on Google Maps.

You can easily get your business listed on Google Maps even without creating a website for your business, though having a website could give you a competitive edge against your competitors. Google Places listing is available to the owners of businesses operating from a physical location. You must have a mailing address for your business.

Is Your Business Eligible for Google Places Listing ?

A physical store, physical service center, physical delivery outlet or any other related business facilitation center capable of serving their customers from their physical location is entitled by Google to register themselves on Google Maps.

It doesn’t matters whether you have your own website or not but what matters is that you have either owned or rented some physical space to conduct your business activities. If you have your business website then Google Places helps enhance your site SEO.

It is also important that the physical delivery of goods and/or services is made to customers visiting the physical location of your business. Also check if the services of Google Places are offered in your region by clicking here.

Yellow Page Directories vs Google Places Listing

Google Places has been developed similarly to the Yellow Pages Directory, although it offers some better features. Since the world is rapidly transforming itself into a paperless world, it makes sense for businesses to adapt to the trending patterns clouding over the global business environment.

Earlier, customers used to search for local businesses in the Yellow Pages Directories but now the situation is entirely different. Customers are using their smart phones, tablets, laptops, iPhones and PCs to search for local businesses somewhere in their neighborhood.

Yellow Pages Directories are becoming obsolete, while Google Places is making fresh entries. The essence behind successful businesses lie in their vision and action toward shifting the paradigm from the Yellow Pages Directory to Google Places.

Businesses that have a physical facilitation center serving their customers are the biggest beneficiaries of Google Places. You might be missing great local business opportunities by not marking your presence on Google Maps. Moreover, Google is not charging you anything for listing your business on their maps. Google Places comes absolutely free from financial obligations. Being registered on Google Places and Google Business helps your site indexed quickly by Google.

How to Get on Google Places ?

Listing your business on Google Maps through Google Places requires a simple validation process so that Google can verify the physical existence and conduct of your business from a physical location.

Once you get verified, your business starts showing up on Google Maps as well as on normal Google SERP against the relevant keywords search. It is just like pinning your business on Google Maps so that whosoever needs your services can know about you.

You can put all the important information about your business including your working hours on Google Places to help your prospective customers get to you easily.

Why to List your Business on Google Places ?

Businesses listed on Google Places enjoy an increased probability of ranking higher in local searches. On one hand, competition is less while on the other hand conversion rates are high for businesses listed on Google Places.

As an example, someone searching for a “restaurant in Salt Lake City Utah” gets a list of all the listed restaurants (along with ratings and customers feedback) operating in the given vicinity. Moreover, someone who had searched for a restaurant in Salt Lake City Utah is more likely to visit any of the restaurants listed on Google Places.

Google Places search listing

Benefits of Google Places Listing to Businesses

Google search engine results page (SERP) displays a list of restaurants listed on Google Places which were earlier pinned and verified by their owners. Businesses not listed on Google Places are losing great business opportunities. Moreover, driving directions are also offered to the interested customers by Google through their Google Maps Driving Direction service so as to help them to reach the physical location without any trouble.

Additionally, you can also list photos as well as videos related to your business. Customers are also empowered to leave their feedback and reviews of the business. For quality businesses, it also becomes a good branding practice by spreading word of mouth publicity.

Google Places Brings New Business Opportunities

Google Places not only helps you get easily found by local customers, but it also helps your website rank higher on Google SERP. Businesses listed on Google Maps are considered more trustworthy. This trust factor also radiates itself to your business website and improves its Page rank on Google.

Today, Google Places is one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your business by reaching out to a wider set of customers. The wider your reach in the local area, the more open you are to meet local business opportunities. Moreover, you can also establish yourself on Google Authorship to gain trust of your customers. The SEO advantage of Google Authorship cannot be ignored anymore. Moreover, Google rich snippets can be used to check Google Authorship validation.

Google Places Listing Process

Google Places Listing process is quite simple and user friendly. If you have a Google account, you can click here to initiate Google Places listing process. If you do not have a Google account yet, you can create a new Google account before moving any further. Also, please check if Google Places listing is available in your region by clicking at Google Places service region link.

If Google Places is not available in your region, check after some time again as Google Places is constantly expanding its horizon to reach all over the globe. Follow their simple step by step procedure offered in a walk through mode. Choose to either verify your Google Places listing submission by postcard or by phone.

Once the verification is done successfully, you are declared as the proud owner of your business on Google Places and Google Maps. You can even use the analytics to understand and analyze your consumers behavior to plan your business activities in a better way.

In case of any trouble, please get in touch with me as I would be happy to fix anything not working for you on Google Places.