What is Google Authorship ?

Google Authorship

Google Authorship helps you add your personality to your content. Yes, you read it right. It is a way to associate your personal or professional identity with content you publish on websites. Gone are the days when content was madly pushed onto the Internet without being anchored to its author.

Today, you gain credit for writing and publishing quality content, not only from Google but also from your readers. Google Authorship is a systematic approach to prove that content is the king. A Google plus (Google+) profile is more than enough to establish Google Authorship.

SEO is abruptly changing with the frequent algorithmic changes rolled by Google. Today, Social Media has evolved as a powerful marketing resource. Online marketing experts are exploiting the power of social media marketing to trap new business opportunities and Google Authorship is in the lead role behind adding power to this dynamic change sweeping the digital world.

Is Google Authorship a New Concept ?

The concept of Authorship has been in existence for centuries, but Google Authorship became an important part of online content marketing strategy. The day Google started displaying Google Authorship results on its SERP, people started adding their faces to their content to increase their visibility on Google SERP and their reach into the digital world.

Search A Keyword on Google

You can see three types of results displayed on Google SERP.

A simple boring snippet carrying the title, some site details and small excerpt.

Missing Google Authorship information

A simple snippet like above, but carrying an author byline about the author and associated links.

Google Authorship result containing author byline

A rich snippet carrying your picture and an author byline, along with the other relevant details.

Google SERP contains Google Authorship Picture

Authorship has been in existence not only behind publishing books and hard copies, but also behind publishing online content in the digital world. People used to add a byline stating the author of the content, but Google or any other search engine never gave any importance to it on their SERP in earlier days.

Effective Social Media Marketing Increases CTR

Google noticed this missing link one day and started crediting the authors who have activated and validated their association with Google by using their Google Plus profile. Moreover, SEO Advantage of Google Authorship cannot be ignored.

The market is still unclear as to whether Google considers Author Rank in its search engine algorithm or not, but many research studies have proved that Google Authorship and Google Author Rank is a good way to increase your CTR from Google SERP. People seem to be more likely to click on a link from Google SERP where authors are clearly mentioned.

Google In-depth Articles & Google Author Rank

Although Matt Cutts has recently admitted that they are considering Google Author Rank for listing in-depth articles on Google SERP, we can not rule out a possibility that some day Google will start considering Google Authorship as well as Google Author Rank even in normal search results.

The day it happens, all the trusted authors will get high ranking reaching on top of Google SERP, while others will be pushed down in Google index. It will also impact their search engine optimization strategy.

Build Online Reputation by Setting Google Authorship

Google Authorship helps you build trust amongst your peers and readers. We can not deny our love for our favourite authors because of their rich quality content and their philosophy.

Similarly, Google Authorship and Google Author Rank is a way to add your personality to your content giving it a cutting edge over your peers and competitors. Now, online content is not just a black box containing only text, but a dynamic entity that includes your identity as well as your personality.

Relation between Google Authorship and Brand Image

Google Authorship as well as Google Author Rank is still in its infancy state. Today, it is just the beginning, but we believe that it has a long way to go in the future.

People who have already boarded the train of Google Authorship and Google Author Rank are surely going to lead the realm of tomorrow’s content marketing. Google Places and Google Business are also changing the dynamics of the SEO industry.

Activate Your Google Authorship Instantly

If you have already boarded the train of Google Authorship then you must start building your authority and online reputation for better visibility in future. If you are still waiting to make your presence on Google Authorship, then you must act now without delaying it any further. Click here to link your Google+ profile to your published content. After setting it up, check whether Google Authorship is working or not.

Start today, rather than leaving it for tomorrow. Content is king and Google Authorship seems to be one of the many ways of making you the king of your own content. Social Media is changing and so you also need to change your social media marketing strategy. Let me know if you face any trouble setting up Google Authorship for your content.