Case Studies Behind Building Great Websites

The Stories Behind Developing Great WordPress Sites

Building websites is easy, but building great websites is more complex. Developing great websites is a mix of art and science. It must be user friendly so that anyone can use it and get all the required information without searching for it around your site. Simultaneously, the sites must be search engine friendly. Good aesthetics, a soothing color combination and full functionality is desired by all of us. Developing a great website requires good planning and efficient implementation.

It is important to design websites only after considering the best practices as laid down by Google so that you never face any issues with search engine indexing of your sites. Good site SEO, social media marketing integration, setting Google Authorship, registering the site on Google Places and increasing its visibility using Google Business are all well desired as well as needed for today’s dynamic websites. Hereby, I present a glimpse of some of the websites designed, developed and maintained by me.

As a skilled Webmaster, it becomes my primary responsibility to ensure that the sites are not only informative for humans but also stand in high calibre in the eyes of search engines, primarily Google. A walk through at the following items presents a brief step by step procedure to explain what was done on these websites so as to transform these simple websites into great websites so that the websites are loved by readers and appreciated by Google.